Jason vs Aliens - Part 2

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The second part to my crossover series. In Crystal Lake everyone can hear you scream. 3 months in the making here it is - Jason vs Aliens - Part 2. Be sure to watch part 1 first lol.


Still good

Still liking this. Nice to see both villaisn on screen and doing what they do best, killing. The music is pretty good too.

finish it dude!!

Aliens and Jason are my favorite series and dont correct me just because im too lazy to name the movies but anyway finish now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice work

Note: freddy isnt invincible. he's terrified of water - freddy vs jason. and he's not going to last long if you blow him apart with a rocket launcher. it just seems like he's invincible because in all the movies he's faced with unarmed teenagers and bullets, then gets re-vamped after getting beaten - jason x. nice work anyway. wouldn't enough alien blood just burn his limbs off?
nice work anyway!

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Why does everyone have an australian accent when

Friday the 13th is based in america... Wth, Jason visits australia? And this whole concept is dumb, unlike freddy vs jason. Freddy vs jason, 2 immortals vs each other. Aliens are easily killed with guns. Jason is an immortal, and aliens are not... I wonder who wins... duh

DUDE! This looks great!

Brilliant story line mate! The way things are happening are very realistic to each show! I'm very impressed! The way Jason moves and walks is excellent (just wish he was a bit bigger). And the alien look cool, and acts JUST like an Alien! =p

Jason's eyes as looked at the alien was great, and wat a cliff hanger! Great job! xD

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3.60 / 5.00

Sep 14, 2005
8:03 AM EDT