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UPDATE : ...1st place Daily and Front Page...? O_O ....W..whoa...I never got any of these before....holy smokes..

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..Alrighty...First off, i'd just like to say... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CAJUNSPIRIT!!!! And once again, thanks to Cajunspirit for teaching me how to design my own special effects as well :)... Alrighty...for first time viewers watching this series, MAKE SURE you watch SQFP1, then SQFP2, then SQFP3 P1, then this to understand the plot so far, otherwise you'll be lost and confused. Stay tuned folks! SQFP3 P3 is on it's way!


Hehehe Knuckles' scream

It was kind of boring at first till Knuckles got scared and screamed like a girl, that was funny. Kept me interested but I dont know about all the DBZ fighting. The fighting was kind of dragged out too like DBZ. But nice making it look like a game.

Amazing Movie! Plz hurry for part 3!

This movie have major graphics and killer violence! if u like part 1 of this then u will love dis movie! Loving the fast-pace fighting style and cool special moves! Gotta be a keeper!


Bass Rules
Zero Rules
MegaMan X Rules

Good job


i have to say, that i wasnt expecting much from a conry sonic flash. i assumed it to be another half baked artosity that was shoddily done and have no real plot, but this was really surprizing. i loved the music, though it was a bit quiet, and the sfx were amazing with Zero's sword. though i have to say, the Mega Man 1/3 of the plot was a little pointless. some added qialogue would have been nice.

OMG this is the greatest sprite flash ever made!

The violence is sooooooooooooooo over the top its incredible! I hope this Flash becomes widely popular since it is the best sprite based series I've ever seen!

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4.11 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2005
6:44 PM EDT