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Horrible humanity

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((( LOL )))

Haha ok well this was funny, the loop is abit repeditive, and the flash itseld is very short and random, could use more to it even a story would be nice...

Well making more to it like more scenes even some sound/fx which i didnt hear, but more reason why this guy is feeding him with his head haha...

A very short but random and strange flash, you have been warned anyone who doesnt like strange things, anyways funny clip...


The painful truth

Yeah... this is what 'gainful employment' is all about. Straining muscles, tattered clothing hanging over your bones, and some smug bastard on the other side of the table saying "Keep going, bitch! Dinner's not over 'till the bowl's empty!"

hehe... humanity

I thought at first that it was cute... but later, you realize it's all about the system.

You work your ass to feed somebody, and somebody eats from your hard work.

Simple and cruel... but true.

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It's a good flash

it's a good flash but i think most people would prefer something simplier

My Guess at The Meaning

The young are spoon-fed the beliefs, notions, and assumptions of the old, leading to a type of mental inbreeding that continues to cripple generation after generation. I disagree with that statement though, regardless if it's the meaning of the flash or not. But if that IS the meaning, then how do I know that the beliefs, notions, and assumptions I was spoon-fed isn't biasing me on how I deam the meaning of the flash in the first place. Everything, catch-22.

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Sep 11, 2005
11:06 PM EDT