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Simple Tut 1.0. Please vote and Simple Tut 1.5 coming soon.


Not bad

Although there a thousands of flash tutorials.

This one wasn't too specific, but at least it had some ambient music to listen to while I went through it all. I'm sure at least someone will find it helpful.

Simple describes it pretty well.

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major problem

why is it you wnated to make a flash tutorial and then within it expalin preloaders... butnot have one on your flash. even if it only takes a few seconds or more to load you should have one anyway.
for that fact i rated it low, you shouldnt be telling people how to do something but not do it yourself.

happy flashing!!

eh, s'okay

It was okay, you need to work on a few things....like spelling, spell graphics right at least. Also, you need to make sure you get all the script on the page like in the Adv. section, the AS went off the bottom of the screen.

hey, i like it

nice job on that buddy. keep up the good work.



1. If your going to make this sort of thing, make it detailed...
2. Learn how to spell.
3. Show how to do more thing.

It was a little helpful, but not that much.

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1.82 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2005
9:29 PM EDT
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