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Stick Cloud vs Stick Sephiroth
so if u dont like sticks dont watch =D.

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I like sticks :3

I like sticks.

Sephiroth, you are one sexy stickman~<3

6/10 for sexiness of stick people!!!!

to guy bellow

cloud could beat sephiroth anyday as well... if he had 2 partners and 999 phoenix down.

In a few words..

Sephiroth (even though you beat him in game) can easily own Clouds arse anyday lads ANYDAY.

Me like!

So simple, yet so funny! More plz!

There is one significant point I really liked..

And that's the first interpretation of Sephiroth's limit break
I've ever seen in my life.

I always wished to see what his limit break would be like..
(silently I believe his limit break would be way harder,
then Omnislash)

Well thank you for showing me one of the possibilities,
but in reality it would have Pwned Cloud.

Fact is, Sephiroth has more HP then Cloud could ever dream of.
Sephiroth's restrictions simply are way over Cloud's head.