METROID: Genesis

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Update4: Its been drawn to my attention that MyQueensknight stole the metroid tune. It is by an artist called Stemage of metroid metal (see link). SOrry i cna't change the file at this point, but here's your ccredit form me.
Update3: SOund redone for intro so it doesnt lag.
UPDATE2: Skip buttons now available after watching the movies once.
Update Thankyou for Frontpage, Tom.
A first person shooter and Metoid movie rolled into one.
ALL MUSIC FROM AUDIO PORTAL :D please support NG's audio artists.
The game is only short on EASY mode. Medium and Hard take ages!
Ridley has created an army of weak Metroids. To restore them to their former power, he needs a sample of the full DNA code of the last Metroid. Aware of this, the Galactic Federation sends Samus Aran to retrieve it from the Fulpian Research facility before Ridley can get his dirty claws on it. You must complete all difficulties to see all the bonus movies. Have fun!


I liked the game, but could it be, made easier?

On hard mode, almost NO energy balls showed up. It's like an 8% chance of getting ONE and they barely give you anything. And there is a delay on the punch, but I thought that was intended. This was a fun game and done well, but hard mode is WAY too hard. Anyway, a nice game and good effort put into it.

The-EXP responds:

lol actually on hard mode its set to 6percent chance of getting one, but good guess :p

I beat it on hard easy!

I beat it on hard easy!

this game is great!


this was so much fun ur metroid elements is even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*ish a Metroid fanboy* Awesome game!!! i love it.. i got my butt kicked in the second room inside the building on medium.. but still O.O it's awesome... make more.. or other things Metroid related

pretty short game but it's worth it because...

like you said try the medium first because then you see Samus AND THE SAMUS sing... well. I won't ruin the suprise but from that short movie, I have to admit i almost pissed my pants.Keep up the good work! ^_^

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3.98 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2005
7:33 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Tube / Rail