METROID: Genesis

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Update4: Its been drawn to my attention that MyQueensknight stole the metroid tune. It is by an artist called Stemage of metroid metal (see link). SOrry i cna't change the file at this point, but here's your ccredit form me.
Update3: SOund redone for intro so it doesnt lag.
UPDATE2: Skip buttons now available after watching the movies once.
Update Thankyou for Frontpage, Tom.
A first person shooter and Metoid movie rolled into one.
ALL MUSIC FROM AUDIO PORTAL :D please support NG's audio artists.
The game is only short on EASY mode. Medium and Hard take ages!
Ridley has created an army of weak Metroids. To restore them to their former power, he needs a sample of the full DNA code of the last Metroid. Aware of this, the Galactic Federation sends Samus Aran to retrieve it from the Fulpian Research facility before Ridley can get his dirty claws on it. You must complete all difficulties to see all the bonus movies. Have fun!


too easy

good game but it was too easy beat all three difficultie on my first try, also, my mouse wouldn't move much after clicking alot

Some ideas ya should think of

the game it self is great but samus (even if only shown once) seemed a little too rounded and not enough corners and for the shooting: make it so ppl can use their regular mouse or use urs for the flash because its ok on easy because it goes a little slower but what happens with the curser for flash it tends to slow down alot so jsut put in an option for the cursor, and when shots hit no blood at all and what i thought was ya hot health power ups, so why not gun power ups(ice, plasma, wave, phazon) and have each be stronger agianst a spacificc enemie for each beam? and a button for super missles(toggle kinda thing) and a charge shot would be nice too. and if your gona make it so only one spot is vulnerable try something like kraid on the snes version (if ya shoot him in the head his mouth opens(his mouth is the vulnerable spot(this info for non-metroid players) and it would be better if it was a bit longer with more enemies other than that it was pretty good and i would sejest help if you follow my directions. oh and whats with the voices? sounds like a retarted computer said it....

your game needs help..

dude, weak. the reward for beating medium was a total waist of my time. but ill give u some tips that would have made the game a lil more worth playing. first don't give out the credits for your bonus videos in the credits.. spoils the suprise, second health drops were weak, i played all through medium w/only one drop. third, you could change the metroid sprite to show damge, change the opacity or remove the cells from the inside as u kill them. finaly, metroid w/o missles? why not bind them to space bar, not like it does anything other than punch and you cant shoot when you are punching.

You need to go back and rethink this one

I could not control samus at all. When there were a lot of enemies in the area I would loose control of the gun.

good, but damn.....

it wasa good except for one crucial thing. Its way 2 repetitive my hand was gettin kinda tired after pressing that mouse so much. Otherwise good job.

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3.98 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2005
7:33 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Tube / Rail