Stealth Ninjas 2

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This is the next episode of the Stealth Nijas Series! And for the last time I made this up before I even heard of Madness! This one does not have much killing in it. It is more geared toward a storyline. I think it is better than the first. It has better graphics... just watch it. Hope you like it!



I NEED THE SONG! WHAT MOVIE IS IS FROM? TELL! this has less graphic quality then madness, but its a ton funnier

it was okay.

Hey um whats the name of the song. :D gj on this lol

You got one part down..

Your animating is above average. You just need to improving your drawing skills, and get someone to write up a plot for you if writing up plots aren't your strength. Once again, great animating and effects, but I think you should draw at least some leg circles or something. I think you'll be very good if you keep at this.

lightningbomb responds:

thanks alot and thank you for the tips! :) it helps me alot! :)

Dude Im Addicted 2 Your Flashs

Well...I just found out that this was like a few seconds long....BUT over all its still pretty good..
Grap: 10 Everything =D
Style: 10 Another Great Area
Sound: 10 Music/Sounds
Viol: 10 Blood GARNADE!
Inter: 4 agien play & pause
Humor: 10! OMG ITS FUNNY
OverAll: 10 Its Great 4 a few dozen second flash. Im Really Thinking About Making My Own Flash where did u get the flash program. If You Can Answer Back That'd be SUPER ^_^ BYES!

lightningbomb responds:

cool glad you liked it.
well i got flash from a freind of mine. you'll have to buy it. but here's a webstite that has a download for a FLASH MX trail version.


just type that in and click download flash.
thanks again cya! :)


oh snap! whats gunna happen next!!

lightningbomb responds:

thanks! :)

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2.44 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2005
7:23 PM EDT
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