M.S.R.E ep.4

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Go watch the special edition. It needs to be re-done but it's the first four episodes in one package.


Better than the others but still realy shit.

The story was stupid, when I saw the opening sequence I thought wow this might actualy be good but it was infact TURD so let me get this straight first umbrela PURPOSLY infected newyork just to gain public support then they blew it up with a nuke then sudenly by magic its back again then you decide the outbreak wasnt caused by an explosion but by machines wich if turned off magicly cuase the infection to just stop (where would all the zombies go exactly)
then all of a sudden ohh marcos back sudenly he slides across the floor shooting his uzis as the guards just stand there like fucking twats next "oh behind this door is the infection stopping thing" how do they know that "cuz we do you fuckin faggot omg ur such a aggot l337 l337 im so l337" then we meet morden who just happens to also be the leader of umbrela "mwuhahaaha you fools Ive stopped the infection saving millions of lives Im so damm evil" ohh noes , and right at the end "ohh marco by doing absolootly nothing weve saved new york" "sorry fio but i was a zombie all along mwhaahaha" the end.
The animation inbetween gifs is awfull the only resemblance to re i can see here is the name umbrela your a liar a sprite theif and a imature dick head your a tramp m8 have a wash m8 Ive got no water i just pissed in the sink use that there.

Dusty-Gorilla responds:

Jeez u learn to spell right damn! First off your gay. Everything that YOU siad makes no sense. In the first episode they were not even in New York. Fucker. I can change the plot of Resident Evil if I want. You have no control over me. So let's settles this like men. Or in your case pussy. Stfu, learn how to spell, stfu, and stfu. Thanks.

this was best best episode, but

you spelled umbrella wrong when fio landed at the umbrella HQ, and you didn't rip the sprites yourself, you got them from the
metal slug database

Dusty-Gorilla responds:

Haha yeah I was trying to make that dude stfu.


I agree with the last guy why do people like this?

Dusty-Gorilla responds:

Becuz ur on the other guys dick like a little bitch.

I really dont understand why people like this

I don't mean to be an asshole or anything and its nothing personal... I'm not really the critical type either.... but I REALLY did not enjoy this... This review goes for the whole series.
There were so many glitches, the abckrounds shifting every couple moments and the sprites were messed up... U copuld fix it up then re enter it on newgrounds i think then it owuld be a little better... But i know u mustve put a lot of effort into so ill give u that much... otherwise this didnt really require much talent and i could tell u were dragging it out with text to make it seem longer... i coulve made it 3 episodes shorter and made a better movie... Whatever i know like every1 after this review will call me retarded but i thought it was necessary to say this.
BTW how do u rip sprites?

Dusty-Gorilla responds:

Ok heres how to rip sprites. Poop

bad ass

this roked 100 times more than the others and to the guy who made the last review he's fukin marco he found a way thats how the mission was complted becoming a zombie and destroying the world became his mission when he became infected so if he kills the only person who can stop him (fio) then his mission is complte......duh!!!

Dusty-Gorilla responds:

Dude you rock my socks!

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Sep 10, 2005
3:33 PM EDT