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Megaman's Anniversary

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--This flash represents the celebration of Megaman's 10th year anniversary, we are not telling that is the actual age (which is 17 or 18) just thought that it was a special year--

Some people wanted to know what happened when Megaman reached its 10th anniversary. Here you'll find out!

--This was supposed to be for the NES COLLAB yet, due the fact that the other authors are a little bit busy. . . and I've finished this over a month ago, I just couldn't keep it on my pc just like that... Be sure to check out the Nes collab in the next... ehm something month or so...

Animation by Quimera's Arturo Jauregui
Oh yeah, I'm aware this ain't the best japanese, but I've only studied it for a year so be tolerant :).

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Poor blues!! Got punched in the face! XD


Mega Man is such a jerk. And he calls himself a perfect creation (after unfairly hurting/killing those Robot Masters)? XoD
Anyway, this video had it all; good animation, humor, great voice acting, and I just love the music.
Mega Man and the Robot Masters in this video were all drawn great. I also think the japanese were good. Thus, all in all, this entire video was perfect in my opinion.

muy bueno la verdad em rei demaciado jajaja (perdon por my español es que soy de argentina xD)

nice i vote 5

Done for a collab?

This is one of the best Mega Man flashes I have seen on Newgrounds due to the fact that it is one of the most well animated. And of course the original Japanese sounds used are completely flawless. I loved the designs of everybody and how it did seem just like something that would show up in a Mega Man OVA. It is a great tribute to such a popular characer as it is his anniversary. I love how happy he gets wiping through the enemies easily. I think I am a bit more glad this was not as part of a collab, as it is so good in its own right.