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Myth Madness Trailer

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Hey, you looking at this now! VOTE! I dont care whehter it's 5 or 0 just vote on what you think about the movie!

Hey all, this is my first flash in Newgrounds...

Myth Madness: Heaven or Hell

It's a preview / episode zero of a probable series I might make...depending on the score

The series would feature more fights, featuring more mythical characters, and better animation, however I'm sticking to the graphical style - pseudo stick figure.

Some other credits, music by:

The New Beginning by DarkLordOblivion - no not really, I'm trying to find the real artist as of now
Run'n'Gun by Ravicious

score is at 2.11 - too low for me to really think of continuing, but I'll see, maybe on a later date

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that's what this is, this INSULTED madness, you used almost no frame by frame, which sucked when you actually did, you didn't draw the madness people right, everything was horribly drawn, and the EXACT SAME things would repeat, the sound sucked, you made the music loop too much, JUST LET IT RUN! and you say the missiles were "slow motion" but the sound was normal time (and crap) somebody shoot this with a zero!

~not same guy~

i will, me and my OVER FIVE VOTE POWER!