Nawlins Is Wet

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Be sure to donate to the Red Cross if you can....they need lots of Towels.

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Hell yes, man!

Damn, dude! I thought this movie had been taken down awhile ago. You have no idea how happy I was when I searched for it on NG and actually found it!

Keep doing your thing man! Don't let anyone tell you can't rap because you're White.

My ex girlfriend lives in New Orleans.....

n I'm glad she fuckin drowned in that Hurricane, after what she did to me, that bitch deserved it. but anyway this flash was funny and random! I laugh at all the victims of that hurricane! I'm such an asshole!

PiGPEN responds:

Cool story, bro.

Made me think about something.

Yeah of course Orleans is below sea level, but why didn't we do something before the storm hit?

Score was based on the fact there really wasn't much animation goin on. And it was just a slideshow :P Good audio thou.

(It's probably true, Bush probably hates black people secretly) D;

PiGPEN responds:

Cool story, bro.

That's not cool...

Dude, I'm from New Orleans, and my house was destroyed. Usually I try to keep an opened mind about other peoples flashes, but this is cruel. Most of those pictures you showed had dead bodies, and that's awful how you could make fun of it like that. I went throught it, hard labor to make a civilized life. I'm still not in my house after a year. If you were down here, you'd know... Oh, and nobody give me this bullshit on how it's our fault for builiding th city where it is. 1. It was built LONG before we moved in. 2. There is NO PLACE ON THIS EARTH that is safe frm natural disasters. And 3. If you think it's so funny how all this happened, then you belong in Hell.

PiGPEN responds:

Others peoples misery makes me smile.
...isnt that a good enough reason?

Also, just advice to you...i wouldnt rebuild in New Orleans...i know theres culture and heritage and whatnot but those levies arent any better today, should another storm like that come youre screwed.

And one more thing.....BUSH HATES BLACK PEOPLE!

Not your best work.

But... it isn't your worst either. I really don't care as to what happened to all those morons in New Orleans but I don't think its right to make fun of them. I enjoy your sprite flashes but these ones that are hand drawn just aren't all that great.

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Sep 8, 2005
8:42 AM EDT