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Yes, I'm left handed :)

I'm amazed I've had no immature bastards give me a 0 with the review "thiz iz deh ghey". Newgrounds seems much better than when I left for a hiatus 2 years ago. This was a final project for my intermediate flash class last quarter. A shooting range game. Don't nitpick if the gun isn't making the right sound, or if that background is a stupid place for a shooting range. Have fun. Sorry if there's no fancy graphics. I went pretty minimalistic on this one.

You'll need around a pentium 3, 1500 mhz and 256 ram or faster to play this at a good speed.

Click to shoot
R to reload
Red targets add to your score, green targets take away from your score.
The large cursor is where your mouse is, the small cursor is where your projectile will hit.


Friggin good flash

I only give it a six though cuz of the low interativity and VIOLENCE


a good game, not much there but was really good for a game of its type. graphics were awsum, sound was nice and was a fun game 2 play. good job 4/5

That was groovy!

I like the odd bit of simple fun, and that gun game of yours was it. The graphics were nice and crisp and the whole thing played as sweet as a nut. Well done.

Doomhammr responds:

thank you. i dont know if i like my work being compared to nuts but thank you.


Yeah I liked it. The tagergeting thing was clever, though somewhat unnecessary, as to get a decent score, you needed to just keep the mouse still. Good idea using photo backgrounds and a real arm and stuff, and the gun looked nice. That "BBBRRRRKKKK" thing that happened when you finished the game was irritating, but everything else was fine.

Doomhammr responds:

lol, the static at the very end freaked my teacher out. that's where i was going with it.

im so 1337

I knew there was a reason i spend so much time on counter strike... to become good at this game... Umm, some top scores, or a score you should try to achieve would be good, cause I dont know if I got a good score or not.. and the sound was messed up at the end.

Doomhammr responds:

i'll be making a high score list on my next game.

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4.10 / 5.00

Sep 7, 2005
12:55 AM EDT
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