Dragonslayer v1.2

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Hi everyone. This is an upgraded game version over v1.0. Theres a lot of changes from the original which most people played, so make sure you check it out!
UPDATE: Thanks for frontpage Tom!!
UPDATE: Made a lot of tweaks to gameplay, such as upgrades more effective, enemies fire less damage but more often, etc.

-Changed gameplay mode from 'survive for as long as possible' to 10 levels of Arthritis inducing 'fun'.
-Added shop system between each level.
-If you win, the cheatmode is revealed.
-Fixed: Level 10 now has a proper amount of enemies. It only had 2 while I was testing it and I forgot i left it on ;)

-Added a minimap for killing those hard-to-see dragons
-Improved graphics
-Cheat mode improvements
-Smaller filesize


This game sucks

You need to deflect the fireballs

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This is a great game.....but i keep dieing on lvl 1!!! its too hard...its just that I cant deflect the dragons attack, and it takes forever for be to just kill one dragon. this was really good in animation...just that its nearly impossible to get past the first level.

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I read the "Help" part and it said that wizards where greedy and STUPID???? ok thats just awkward because wizards read books ALL the time and they store very much knowlage in their brains. Aiming was a little awkward. But good concept. I'll give it 8 stars.

Good concept.

I give a 5 neuteral rating. There should be more defensive and protection spells as well as stronger offensive spells. I kept pressing spacebar and it didn't do anything, the aim was a little awkward because when dragons are off screen you aim at the x's. Anyway the concept is good you just need to improve on it ;)

nice try

sexy but not good enough aiming sucks. ANd you should be able to deflect the dragon fires

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3.53 / 5.00

Sep 6, 2005
1:02 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed