a dog named BEN

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ben rocks he is my dog

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I admit this was good for a quick laugh. The best part was probably the cat fight. Well, the cat and dog fight. I guess you could say it was both. Anyway, this was pretty fun as far as these cartoons go. It helps that they're not too long.

It's a weird way of using capitalization. Well, these were never meant to be formal cartoons. I can't say anything to improve it. It's meant to be like this. I'm sure you are the same as David Firth.

Cum back to Newgrounds Jery ur movies r pure gold kthxbye

I loved this series as a kid and still do now! Mr. Firth, u r rate gud @ makin dem flims lolz

i dont like things named ben.....:ben:you shoudnt of done that:me:AAAAAAAAH


jerry jackson animations are amazing and hilarious people dont understand that jerry jackson is a fictional charactor made up by david firth, (for people who dont know who he is he made salad fingers) he's anamazingly funny animator.