Weapons of Angels 1

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This is my very first submission to Newgrounds!! But dont get the wrong idea, i actually put time and effort into my flash unlike most 1st time submitters. I think its pretty sweet and hope that you like it.


Grt for 1st

That's really good for your first submission. It kind of seems like most people don't really try...

What a shame

Graphics: Making non-gradient Alpha's is bad, man. The glowing blades were really bad. As were the more detailed characters. The animation was choppy and the characters were very bland looking. 6'd.

Style: Very Star Wars. Not much originality. Also, Angels sounds familiar. I bet you copied that too. It also resembled Bunnykill WAY TOO MUCH. Buddy, don't copy a copy.

Sound: Sound was good. It's just that last one, when the guy retrieved the sword was the one that got on my nerves.

Violence: No blood. Kill count was good, but the fact that the death's were very unlifelike and very "blop, done" was bad.

Interactivity: I was going to give you a 6, because dialogue progress buttons suck, but the scene selection showed some work. 10'd.

Humor: The only remotely entertaining part of it was when the protagonist leaped on every beat of the music.

Overall: Poor quality movie. # 2 better be better.


I like it, like it like it like it! You definately got the plot of this seriously fleshed out. I like your artwork, but it looks like it needs just a lil more explosive animation, like more fluidness. Seems a bit on the flash side, but nevertheless, its great! Sound work is nice. Some of the music didn't quite make the feel of the animation, but there's always another episode. I'll keep an eye on this one, this series looks promising.

funny but...simple

Pretty Good!

Cool movie dude! Nice lightsabre battles!

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3.83 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2005
1:47 PM EDT