Weapons of Angels 1

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This is my very first submission to Newgrounds!! But dont get the wrong idea, i actually put time and effort into my flash unlike most 1st time submitters. I think its pretty sweet and hope that you like it.


liked it

it was awsome although the graphics weren't that great

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Loved it

This is some whoop-ass movie! Its up on par with some of my other favorites. Good job dude! I give er a 9!


WOOT! This is the best flash i've seen all night, I hope the rest of the series will be as good as this one, even though it kinda rips off starwars, it was very good.


Graphics: look okay for a pro flash maker but pownage for a noob!!!!! Good Job.

Style: i like how things kind of flow in the movie. I cant explain it but everything fits toghether. 8 because it may be stylish but your characters look different from seen to seen

Sound: This isn't a major category the music to me sucked dont feel bad just add in some cool techno like in madness (but dont copy)

Violence: okay but minions die to easy. It seems as if the hero has no prob killing the minions and isnt scared. Also when they die it sometimes looks cartoony.

Interactivity: GOOD!

Humour: I only gave you a 3 because i nkow its not supposed to be funny. But i always chucle when i see someone trying to recreate darth vade v luke (u kinda did in the last battle.

GJ what program did you use to make it? tell me where to dl it an hw much it costs


it was sweet, good music, great style and graphics.....is was BAMF

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3.83 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2005
1:47 PM EDT