Weapons of Angels 1

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This is my very first submission to Newgrounds!! But dont get the wrong idea, i actually put time and effort into my flash unlike most 1st time submitters. I think its pretty sweet and hope that you like it.


you sir, are a flash god!

that was a awesome flash of great preportions! I loved the part when he aniholates the boss and gets all pimped out at the end!
I'll break down my vote

Graphics:were really good, but a bit slow at the boss scene

Style: there are many flashes that resemble this, but i still gave you a ten because it was very wel done

sound: the lightsaber sounds were perfectly timed and the music was really nicely picked

violence: obviously a ten

interactivity: 1 for play and 1 for replay

humor: there wernt any jokes but it was a grea flash

over all: 2 thumbs up! if i had anymore they'd be up too:)

Best first flash ever!

wow most of the first time flash out there is a load crap--but not this!!

this is your FIRST movie?!? so cool!

its so good! cant believe its really your first one!! wow!
i give 9!
its so cool

Loved it

This is some whoop-ass movie! Its up on par with some of my other favorites. Good job dude! I give er a 9!


You are just so good at flash!Although the one thing i didnt like was the lightsaber... to unoriginal coul've been a katana!

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3.83 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2005
1:47 PM EDT