Weapons of Angels 1

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This is my very first submission to Newgrounds!! But dont get the wrong idea, i actually put time and effort into my flash unlike most 1st time submitters. I think its pretty sweet and hope that you like it.


What a shame

Graphics: Making non-gradient Alpha's is bad, man. The glowing blades were really bad. As were the more detailed characters. The animation was choppy and the characters were very bland looking. 6'd.

Style: Very Star Wars. Not much originality. Also, Angels sounds familiar. I bet you copied that too. It also resembled Bunnykill WAY TOO MUCH. Buddy, don't copy a copy.

Sound: Sound was good. It's just that last one, when the guy retrieved the sword was the one that got on my nerves.

Violence: No blood. Kill count was good, but the fact that the death's were very unlifelike and very "blop, done" was bad.

Interactivity: I was going to give you a 6, because dialogue progress buttons suck, but the scene selection showed some work. 10'd.

Humor: The only remotely entertaining part of it was when the protagonist leaped on every beat of the music.

Overall: Poor quality movie. # 2 better be better.

wanna be starwars

you made it like starwars that is not original.
but it is still agood movie.

very nice

i liked it loved it and it gets better every time


it was sweet, good music, great style and graphics.....is was BAMF

Oh hell yes.

That was a hell of a flash. I liked the back story, the fight scenes were pretty choice, and the final fight was awesome.

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3.83 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2005
1:47 PM EDT