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Castlevania Priest Battle

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Author Comments

In the NES game parody of ours, Simon is back in town after killing Dracula in Castlevania 2... but now he finds that the priest won't even restore his health! It's quite obvious that this shit-talkin' priest needs to be taught a lesson or two!

Controls are:
Z = Jump
X = Whip
Click or Spacebar = Start

(if you have problems controlling the character, just click on the game and the problem will resolve itself

And don't forget to return to town after you beat the game, because there's a "Secret Button" on your keyboard that you'll DEFINITELY want to push while you're in town! >:) You WILL need to CLOSE THE WINDOW and re-open the game to return to town just so you know. And you DON'T have to beat the game to access the secret item, but isn't it more fun to save it for last? And it doesn't tell you what the secret button is, you gotta figure out that for yourself! ;)

Enjoy the blasphemy of Priest Battle!
If you want to play it without the newgrounds pop-up ads or download it, you can get it at:


To Much Dialogue

It was an interesting and funny game although certain things about this really slowed the pace of the game. I enjoyed reading the curses and insults used in the game by people like the preist it really made me crack up. Also I really enjoy the use of the Castlevania exact sprites and music it was well cloned and I hope to see work like this from you in the future. The controls were great and took no time to learn and were very easy to use at any given time which was helpful. The timing of the game was good.

The jumping motion was a little out of ordinary and seemed just to stiff. The dialogue really slowed the pace of the game and there was way to much to read at that. Other than the Jesus battle the game was way to simple and easy.

It's an OK game for a Castlevania fan looking for a funny spoof but it's a little to easy and there's almost nothing to this simple and easy game parody.

-TY Reviews

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Wow! Everything that I wished for in the original!!! Right down to beating Gods kid with a whip! Way to show Konami how it's done!!

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Well it took me about 6 tries, but I finally killed Jesus! The secret to victory is simple really, you just jump to the side that had the bombs placed first as soon as they both blow. You then wait for the second volley and repeat the process. That is you jump from the left platform to the right, waiting for the bombs on the left to blow, and as soon as they do you jump back, and vice versa. After he does 2 volleys of bombs you wait on the left platform and whip him good, and if you do it right, you can inflict 3 health levels of damaged every round. This method will take you 3-4 rounds depending on your timing and luck. There is also a second way to avoid the bombs but this is much harder, but effective, making you only jump over the gap once per set. You do the same as the last method, jumping from the left platform to the right, waiting for the bombs that land on the left to blow, and then jump to that side. You then move to the very last block on the left side, and you will be safe to wait it out for Jesus to do a dive at you and allowing you to whip him. I do have to warn you, when using the second method, after whipping Jesus, you need to move a little to your left to give yourself time to jump to the right platform to repeat the whole process over again. Also, if done improperly, you will die from the bomb blast because it will send you into the water, keep that in mind. Oh yes, and lest I forget, you need to make sure you jump as soon as the bomb blows, or else the bomb you will be standing next to will detonate, tossing you to the watery death below.

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look dude, good game and everything but i just dont like the idea of whipping jesus, even if it is in a game, i mean the preist thing ive got no problem with, which is weird and its good and everything but come on!

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That was ok but..........

Overall it was a very similar copy to the orig. castlevania. Everything was really easy except Jesus (you shouldnt kill Jesus in the first place) By the way ASTERIX is the SECRET KEY!!

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Credits & Info

2.98 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2001
11:08 PM EDT
Action - Other
  • Daily Feature August 2, 2001