Castlevania Priest Battle

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In the NES game parody of ours, Simon is back in town after killing Dracula in Castlevania 2... but now he finds that the priest won't even restore his health! It's quite obvious that this shit-talkin' priest needs to be taught a lesson or two!

Controls are:
Z = Jump
X = Whip
Click or Spacebar = Start

(if you have problems controlling the character, just click on the game and the problem will resolve itself

And don't forget to return to town after you beat the game, because there's a "Secret Button" on your keyboard that you'll DEFINITELY want to push while you're in town! >:) You WILL need to CLOSE THE WINDOW and re-open the game to return to town just so you know. And you DON'T have to beat the game to access the secret item, but isn't it more fun to save it for last? And it doesn't tell you what the secret button is, you gotta figure out that for yourself! ;)

Enjoy the blasphemy of Priest Battle!
If you want to play it without the newgrounds pop-up ads or download it, you can get it at:


Blasphemy works...for some

As a Catholic, I simply can't relate to this one. That doesn't mean it wasn't well done in that it was well presented, but the humor just wasn't there...I cringed by having to beat up on Jesus. Some atheists might find it funny, but I simply can't...not your fault, though.

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i didnt read every review but...

am i the only person to get the Dead Alive reference?!? peter jackson kicks ass

Nice plot.


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Fun with Priest and Christ!

It is funny all the way through it,and I'm Christian! lol I loved it..especially the kickass ending,which it IS possible to beat it..I did it in 4 minutes
good on how it's the exact game cept christ isn;t in it,and the bombs are from Super Mario Brothers 2 from the rat that drops bombs on you,but I liked it:-)

Great interactive game/spoof!

I enjoyed playing this game/spoof. They're probably right when they say you're going to hell guys and girls. lol But with all of you I'm sure it'll be a fun ride. Keep up the awesome work.

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Jul 31, 2001
11:08 PM EDT
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  • Daily Feature August 2, 2001