James Bond House Floor 2

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This is the 2nd floor and part to the James Bond house mission. Hope you enjoy watching it.

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It was good, but a little dark at some points. Also, it was a little confusing because i can't seem to find James Bond House Serched "James Bond House", "X_Aldin", "Chris_Aldin", and "Matty_X", but JB House doesn't come up. A little help would be great. Thnks

Nice once again, Aldin. ;)

But could you do me a favor? Could you list in your reply all the James Bond episodes you've done in the correct order? Thanks in advance.

Anyway, I hope you know that I've been a huge fan from the beginning, as I knew before even watching your series that I'd like them. But my problem is, why haven't you gotten any portal awards for any of your hard work? I can understand how difficult it must be doing all of this. On top of that, unlike most Flash artists out there that usually just get some pirated version of Flash Player, whip some random shit up, and BAM. Get front page or some shit. You have to actually spend money on this stuff. The guns, camera, going out to search for a good location to film, and you have a limited number of people to do the projects, so you guys are just running around everywhere.

Well, dude. I hope it gets better for ya along the way.


Chris-Aldin responds:

James Bond House (too dark, got blammed)
James Bond House Floor 2
James Bond Basement
James Bond Depot, Part 2, Part 3
James Bond Control, Part 2, 3 1/2, 3 2/2
James Bond Surface Part 1, Part 2,Part 3
James Bond SM (1/2), (2/2)

Well there ya go, all of them listed in order. We were very close to winning one with SM (2/2), but it was a hefty day for submissions. We got beat out. Thanks for the review.

Dunno if youll ever read this but there are many others out (SM2,SM3,SM4, and a couple of our new series Valentino, hope you can check them out.)


Well i must say its cool stuff once again very good and very entertaining, not boring as some stuff and keeps you wanting more, kinda like a real movie sorta, nice job, hope to see more...

Add more people like i said in the last one, and lower the filesize if you can...

Another episode of those crazy people nah its great stuff, keep it up...


Chris-Aldin responds:

Thanks a lot X, it feels great getting a positive review from the best reviewer out there. Sorry for the delay in the response, ive been a bit busy. That also explains my very slow increase in reviews, you may know me from the Reviewers list. Thanks again.

Succeding Series

Mission Acomplished! Well Done! You've done it again! Delivering high quality entertainment. I'm looking forward to veiwing your next mission.

M (Only joking! Sick Stick)

Chris-Aldin responds:

Thanks a lot, were actually quite suprised by the great reviews, in general, that we are receiving.

More MORE!!!!

Even better and better, this is better than most of the normal flashes!!!! No blood? oh well......

Chris-Aldin responds:

There will be more soon...lol thanks!

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3.61 / 5.00

Sep 5, 2005
1:26 AM EDT
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