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Todays daily2oon will contaIn the works of FLCLmonkey ,Fat_Badger , Elite_Insain and Steroflash.

enjoy the show.

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Well... I wont be looking at Kabuki the same way again...

Good music though

boop boo boo boop boo boo boop

collabs @ its best

begins with great music and ends with great music

see what happens when you have the loading screen thingy on,it
gets higher votes, anyways this was pretty dandiful, i think you should send daily2oons in the morning so when people wake up they will have a daily2oon to view,unless they live somewhere where it is night there while its morning where you are and DAMN YOU KATRINA, you manage to virtual kill, I HOPE SHE DOESENT HIT NEWGROUNDS


FLCLmonkey - You faked me outtt D:

FatBadger - Lolol, was that Notorious B.i.G?

Elite_Insain - OH SHIT KATRINA!

Stereoflash - To be honest, I actually enjoyed watching the flash file just jump around to the music xD

Man, the menu kicks ass, keep up the great work <3333

It's been tough

It's been a tough week of having my other computer broken. Really hard because I still want to you know, contribute and stuff......

TheStarSyndicate responds:

Jiggly puff, sorry could'nt resist. Thanks for the review starberry and send those movies in.