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L is sick of walkiing

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NBS has submitted this with the wrong fonts and an audio running twice.
Do I have to submit all my half-rate animtions here to save them!?? How many people here know what I'm even animating about?? These animations are made for my audience on DA but I will post them here. monkeyjay doesn't hang out with 13 yr old boys and he wouldn't voice act for them!! Goddamn!! I'm sorry I have to fill NG with my CRAP just cos kids want to look good, or look like a homosexual, I dunno.

Also, for you who just jump out and say "this is already submitted, you stole it," if you see my original file was submitted in JUNE, OR you can click the credits and ask monkeyjay himself!!!

Or just look at the other guy's one and ask why Jin's mouth falls off his face when he's talking to L. >:(

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and the fangirls see something XD

love it

funy and filled with yaoi. was ichigo naked after he got up???

nothing much to say really

funny as hell thats all :3

hahaha *tries to stop laughing*

oh my god ive watched this like 500 times its so funny

"Well As For The Fan Girls....*Ahem*....They See Some Thing MUCH More Intresting"