Ultimate Skate Video 2:SE

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<<< Ultimate skate video 2 : Special Edition >>>
Something for you to watch while Ultimate Skate Video 3 : Risng Star is being made.
p.s- this is a part taken from ultimate skate video 2, watch that for the whole movie!


BUSTED! read and answer me!

you do know thats an in real life skateboarding movie of a pro skater named Rodney Mullen ... all you have done is turned that video into some kind of drawing images thats nothing you have done by your self i can see all the tricks are exactly the same timing and stuff like in the IRL movie... so all you pretty much have done is covered the bacground with green and rodney mullen with black also his skateboard... thats nothing you have all by your self created and animated not even close thats IRL footage just with other colours! so plz answer me am i right? because i know i am...!

BUSTED! or prove me otherwise?

cronic-22 responds:

In some ways your right i did trace, but becuase this was before flash 8 was created i had to draw every frame indivudually, this ment it took approximatly 1+hour to do 1 second of animation, which got frustrating after awhile, any way i idd it cause it looked cool.

pretty nuts man

i gotta give you credit, it's got perfect timing and good graphics, makes me think of the i-pod commercials tho lol. anywayz, good use of "retroscopie" (i don't know how to say that in english, i'm studying animation in french... so ya kno) but yea, overall good movie man, here's hoping you make some more a bit longer eh! lol.

Seslor Yoo Bitch

Why yoo putting a downer on such a good movie...arse...its really good. i love rodney mullen and yoo just made me love him even more.

cronic-22 responds:

lol thanks for the review, but he did have a point some of it was a bit sketchy

rod is god

Bad. Period.

Short, bad graphics things just random;y change colors. Needs work but I guess good idea.


well.... kinda crapy if you ask me. all those video were scene from some tony hawk games and the motion was all slow crapy and dark. but its a nice try to do something cool.i cant do that kinda stuff so im not to talk:P

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4.05 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2005
4:41 PM EDT
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