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Angel Asylum Teaser

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Author Comments

This is a teser for Angel Asylum, a siries I hope to make and finish ^_^;;. Please excuse the long loading time :).

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This was like a music video, sorta, it wasnt too short or too long, and with some really nice and the "SLOW" scrolling was decent, there was not much to it, and didnt give enough detail on what to expect on a full version, but still a good flash...

More detail and info on what to expect on a full version, its a good start though...

A short video or preview of a full version, nice start...


Could use alot of work...

Definately a rip between worms and angel asylum. Please include more detail in your comments, or at least somehow admit it.
If you're doing something unique with a series(or two) and whatnot, it's good to admit it. That way chances are you won't be labelled as 'unoriginal' as well as burned by some people.

By the way, here's a quite gander at the local online dictionary/thesaurus:
Main Entry: asylum
Definition: refuge
Synonyms: cover, den, harbor, haven, hideaway, hideout, hole, ivory tower, port, preserve, refuge, retreat, safe house, safety, sanctuary, security, shelter

Find a word in the synonyms that I mentioned before in the first sentence? Makes me suspect your motives furthor.

ideal-drug responds:

lol yes, the idea was originaly from Angel Sanctuary.

I don't plan on ripping it off, I wanted to see what I could do if I took the start and ripped it out of the story line in my own way. So just have the same begining and the rest completly different. Ever seen those poem contests where they give you a begining like "I love summer because..." and you write in the rest of your poem? Kind of like that. Angel Sanctuary was just an amazing manga that I read and I really wanted to create something simular.

And worms... Umm not sure, playing too much worms 3d lmao and it's the first thing that came to mind.


Uhmm... The beginning... ANGEL SANCTUARY RIP OFF >/
It's like... Worms.... Angel sanctuary.... and.. I dunno.. Random fighting...
This flash totally... Confused me. XD

Not Bad

It could do with being a bit smoother, some more varied action. this is just advice for the final version. apart from that, it looks good. (never seen Jesus and nickleback put in the same context before... weird.

I like it

Looks like a worth while project. Keep it up

Although I am not impressed with the use of nickelback. That is F lame! If I could've given a minus 100 for sound i would've .

CHeck out some original stuff from the Audio Portal. Its does better justice for your work. Plus people are more into a flash if has an NG audio!

ideal-drug responds:

mmm thanks :D :D I forgot about the audio portal lol, I started this around the same day I went on newgrounds for the first time and I didn't notice the audio portal. :D once again, thanks for the advice.