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Surfman *demo*

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Author Comments

This is the demo version for an upcoming game 'Surfman'. It is vital that you read the instructions, or you will be totally lost in knowing what to do.

And don't go complaing in your review 'OMFGEEZ THIS GAME IS TEH IMPOSSIBLE!', because it isn't. Have fun!

VTBK is coming.... - From Eg-g

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You could have done better

Ok here are your faults and problems with the game:
(constructive critisism)

1:There was no point to the game.
2:The story made no sense.
3:It was too easy.
4:There didnt seem to be much effort put into the game.
5:The graphics were poor and shoddy.

You should try to improve on the above and maybe add a system where you unlock things or get some sort of upgrades, also the style wasnt original, it was the same as the catch the good and leave the bad things sort of game and there are too many of those games around that it gets old and boring.

Try to invent a new type of game that nobody has made before and try to make it a decent game, think about whether its worth playing before you release a game, and get some quality releases, maybe then you will get near the top 10.

MilkshakeClock responds:

1. Like most things.
2. The story made sence, it just wasn't deep enough.
3. No, you were just too good.
4. There was a full day's drawing and a full days coding put into this. Don't hit me with the no effort shit.
5. Yes, they were.

How about you make this epic game you speak of?

Great, one annoyance though

I liked this, it was fun, addicting, and had a reasonable difficulty curve. HOWEVER, the thing scrolls too fast, and it hurts my eyes. Please change the vertical scroll speed, and make more fun stuff like this.


MilkshakeClock responds:

Na, you just need to get better at the game.

Good light hearted game. =)

Although not your best game from what I've seen from you so far it's still pretty good.

It seemed to be too simple, like there was was some details missing. For example a think it would of been a good idea to add a few waves to make the water appear ... more like water.
Hell all you had to do was stick a pair of wings on the boat and I would be convinced I was saving people falling from the blue sky. =P

The old school batman music was a great idea, that alone added the light heartedness (real word?).

I can already see a pattern from your submissions, you seem to like the early type of arcade games I see, hah nice. 4/5. =)
Oh btw my final score was 4180 after a few tries. ^_^

MilkshakeClock responds:

My artist friend was too lazy to do real water. He put no effort into the game :P

I love the old school games. Pacman, dig dug, galaxian, asteroids, they're all awesome.

Overall Good Stuff

From an AS perspective, it probably would've taken some work. Its a good game though, loved the music. Very nice

MilkshakeClock responds:

Maybe the music was too good for the game, i ask?

Mouse controls make bad controls

I hated that I had to use my mouse as a control and had no other option and that is the main reason I hated it.

MilkshakeClock responds:

Err, you just got to level 3 and haven't made any flash, so your actionscript woes don't really appeal to me. But in the full version you'll be able to customize your controls! :O