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A Role Playing Game Chp1

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Author Comments

Oh and turn of the sound unless you have a fast computer...
To all who voted high: Thank you for helping me get to the portal.
For all who voted low: I'll try harder for my remake.
Oh yeah! My remake! It'll be better. I've redesigned the characters, the background, and the story for this episode (I will write a script). The standard background and foreground will be grid-style. Maybe even voiceovers (or not, depending on if I can get free voice actors). Oh and subtitles. Ok then...
Happy school year!
Characters,names, or instances that were mentioned in this movie are property of their respected owners. Please don't sue me!

Ahhh.... It's finally done! I have been working for ages on this thing! Well, this is my first submission to Newgrounds, and I'm hoping it makes it to the portal. If it doesn't I may have to shave my head and become a monk. Anyways, it's good that I can finally submit something. I feel at least now I can give reviews... But first...

-Sorry to my friends for the lateness (I don't even know if they'll watch this.)
-Sorry for the large file size. I compressed the audio as much as I could.
-Sorry for the compressed audio loops. The music is well done, just not put in properly.
-Sorry for the buttons. I was trying to give more of a video game feel, but that backfired.
-Sorry that I don't have voiceovers. You'll have to read. A special sorry for those who are illiterate (and to the ones that are reading this to them).
-Sorry for the roughness. I should have tweened!
-Sorry if the idiosyncratic humour.
-Sorry for the two font changes.
-Sorry if there is no plot.
-Sorry if I spelt anything wrong.
-Sorry for the apologies.

Enjoy the show!

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2 Years, 6 months?!

That was the last review date?! Weird... Nice movie anyway

Not too shabby, I must say

While the overall movie could use a bit of polish, its a very nice idea. The graphics are a bit plain, bit clean. Still, this is the only part of the movie that drags it down for me. A few extra frames of animation would help give the characters more (redundant) character. As far as the usage of the music goes, its done tastefully, but also clashes. The music styles transitioning from midi Final Fantasy-like covers to original techno and trance was jarring. Hell, I find hearing my lame techno jarring. But only a minor complaint mind you. The story is interesting, and has a few jokes that I found to be actually funny. Not something I see often on Newgrounds. Overall, this could be a great series if you concentrate on the eye candy in the next episode, without killing the humor in the process. I would have reviewed this sooner, but I haven't been on in a few months. Overall, good, but with some extra effort could be great.

nice man..

omg u didnt tween? i cant imagine how long that would take but a ny way good work.. i might be coming up with a flash too soon btw. theres a easter egg in my score lol. see if u can find it

the-flashmaker responds:

Um... Are you Johnathan, too? anyways... nevermind... Thanks very much! No I didn't tween. And Ok I'll take a look at your flash!


dammmmmmmn seaaaaaaaaaan i didnt know u were capable of making a flash video like this, that was awesome but doug needs to die soon.. damn white folk and there not smartness... aha mcdoogles though..a haha.

btwtwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i am me from ur school

the-flashmaker responds:

Ah it's Matthew Kirchnipofnator! Thank you. And why I still look at the revuews for this... I don't know...


ok graphics 9(cause ur graphics are probably better than mine lol)
style.. yeah it was pretty good
sound wasnt loud enough so i gave it 5
violence.. self explanitory not much
no interactivity cause its a movie
wow i can see a lot got into the humor lol( i think i said this before but humor goes a long way people might rate better)

good job sean :)

the-flashmaker responds:

Thanks, Jon189t. Now all I need is for you to stop stalking me...

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2005
7:54 PM EDT