Numa Numa Hentai

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* I have a trailer for numa numa hentai II in 3D on my home page: purecarnage.com will submit soon to the portal :D

It's Numa Numa, and it's Hentai!!! And not just other people's hentai drawings,
this is all my artwork, no rips. Not safe for the internet, so not safe for kids. Rated XXX, you are warned.

Why Numa Numa Hentai? I am glad you asked. I have a few back burner animations I am going back to finish. This one was started in the beginning of the numa numa craze, then I got busy and after many months decided wtf, let's finish it anyways and give it to the net. This explains the style change half-way through,I go from watcom tablet to hand-drawn line art, I did the line-art to finish the animation because I simply like it better then the watcom tablet.

My goal is also to be in a wide range of NewGrounds catagories so this coveres A
dult, Hentai and Numa Numa all with one sick stone, so if you don't like anime h
entai because you're a pussy, you won't like this animation.

If you are a freak, and I know you are... all the action is halfway through the animation and errupts in a climatic ending.



man dude look i wona know in what world do you live in it kool if u like that shet and it wasend that bead but the fat man gives me a inpresion that you mith be gay because why would you in the world make a move of some fat man that is real and a lot of man don't like or oredy bord the shet out seeng stuff like these on the net o well but i do give you a 10 for being orgenal.

PureCarnage responds:

Hate to break your heart there cupcake, but I ain't gay. I like pussy, check my Vagina Shong, that's my true passion. The problem w/ drawing any porn, if it's not two lesbians dyking out is... you need to draw a man, and therefor draw wang... you need to put wang into the vag to complete the sex.

Drawing wang doesn't make me gay... sucking it in real life does. Which I don't... so not gay... not even close.

you ruined the damn song!!

Peverted!!! thats what i give it!! perverted!!! you ruined the damn song!!

PureCarnage responds:

You ruined this DAMN review! The song was from a gay romanian band, how can I make it any worse? I didn't draw gay tentical sex, you should thank me for that, as I nearly did.

numa numa

numa numa is gettin old like the last person said the graphics could be better but it was impressive i just disagree that he deserves to be shown with her.... i know its mean but a guy like him dosent deserve her nether do i. im not in shape ither but im trying to change that....i dont know if he is trying to also though

PureCarnage responds:

HA! This is so funny, so many people don't think Gary deserves an anime biaach. Well, it's anime, and he'll never ever have her in real life unless he makes a blow-up doll, and even then, it's still a blow up doll... that's the shit when you fall in love with a cartoon. There's no real way to have sex short of handcream and a good imagination.

not bad

well... i do get tired of numa numa and hentai, but crossing the 2 together was actually quite original and when he turned into the devil, that was pretty funny and strange.
overall, it was alright.

PureCarnage responds:

I agree, kind of wacked, not too great, but definately chuckle worthy.


i saw the original numa numa dance and then to see the same fat guy fucking a chick was funny and gross and the he turned into the devil or watever with like 10 dicks wow funny then strange i like it nun the less

PureCarnage responds:

Glad you liked it, was fun creating the sheer wackiness that is numa numa hentai.

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2.99 / 5.00

Sep 3, 2005
3:27 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody