Megaman Vs Megaman V2

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This was easily my greatest flash cartoon and well worth a watch to the end. Hundreds of layers and attention to detail. Enjoy.

Thanks to all those who realise the effort that goes into this type of animation, i made it for you.
Big thanks to Chris and Darra who non stop helped me whilst i worked on this; i love you guys in THAT way.


Pretty Good

I liked it.....but i don't get it. if dr wily had the technology to control megaman, then y didn't he use it before?

BadFlashProductions responds:

well done you spot the plot hole i didn't reall think when i started making this it would turn out so well so i didnt tihnk anyone would uncover that plot hole.

so im going to make up an explanation for you now.

dr wiky only made the tachnology after megaman was no longer with him in and to use its megaman had to be within a certain proximity and dr wily couldnt get that close because he was in jail

oh better yet he made it in jail and the bad megaman stopped by to pick it up lol

i really dont know man isnt it enough i wrote a long ass response trying my best to explain this.

the truth is i didnt think snyone would care but nice to know you followed the stroy line closely


well it was actuallt pretty good not great but good so it gets a 3.

BadFlashProductions responds:

wahey thanks

Cool stuff.

It's a shame that shit like SONIC: GOOD OL' OLDSCHOOL and S. M. B. 2 BLOOPERS get on the front page and this good flash doesn't. But keep it up. This flash rocked.

BadFlashProductions responds:

hey email tom sugest it :) thanks for the nice review

Great stuff

Needs some more touch ups but your work is definitly improving Macca!

BadFlashProductions responds:

please call me daniel son :)


not bad not bad

BadFlashProductions responds:

thank you

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4.01 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2005
7:32 PM EDT