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very VERY good

I'll give you a 5.
and add you to my fav's.
but one thing though. ninja's didn't use nunchaku's :)
that's the only wrong thing, but if you don't look at it like that :D
it's GREAT

its ok

its ok, not brilliant but not bad either

but i dont get how its rated lol "suitable for everyone"? it was fucking gory!

Good in Some Parts, Bad in Others

There were some parts of this video that were really well animated, and other parts that looked... well, lazy. I also don't understand why on Earth this ninja-d00d is running around slaughtering people. I guess it doesn't have to make sense if it's a request, or if it has a ninja in it.

>GRAPHICS got an 8 because it really was pretty good in a lot of places, but it would have gotten a higher score had that level of quality been spread through the entire video.
>STYLE got a 5 because I'm tired of ninja-d00ds. I mean, seriously - how cliche can you get?
>SOUND got a 7 because it fit pretty well, I suppose. I didn't like the song, but that's my own personal preference, and shouldn't have an effect on my scoring. The score would have been higher if there had been sound-effects.
>VIOLENCE got a 9 because there was quite a bit of blood, gore, and killing going on. In fact, the movie was centered around it. I personally don't like violence, but there sure was an awful lot of it, and most of it was pretty well drawn.
>INTERACTIVITY got a 3 - 1 point for the play button and 2 for the replay button.
>HUMOR got a 2 because of the happy dancing ninja at the end. Other than that, there was no humorous content - unless you find wanton violence funny, in which case it's a scream.
>OVERALL, I give the video a 7 because, while it was pretty good, it could have been a LOT better, and I also found myself wondering why I watched it when it was over. Just like I'm asking myself now why I'm reviewing it. ...Yeah.

I realize it was a request, so I can't really bash you for using an EXTREMELY stale topic. Good work, though!

...Also, why is it called .:NINJA-3:. ? Is this the third movie in a series, or did I miss something?

eh did like the violence

eh did like the violence

The end was such a ridiculous change of pace

That earns you a 10 in style.

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3.60 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2005
7:16 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place September 3, 2005