Hank Handsome

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Here it is, the finished Hank Handsome game.
Arrows to move, space to shoot.

Please review!!

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(title in work)

^^Good Points^^
A pretty average space shooter. The music was pretty cool. Sounded spacey to me. Explosion graphics weren't too bad either. They were kind of cute.

^^Needs Improving^^
Quite poorly programmed though. Detection is terrible when you are avoiding enemies. They are given way too big of an advantage. I died when I clearly did not touch another ship. You can auto fire by holding down space, and you can only shoot in one direction, which gets annoying when you have enemies behind you.

((( FUN )))

The game was fun, glad you made your own graphics for it besides using some script already, the explosions were ok could be improved, the game was fun good gamecontroll with response time, so notbad at all...

Some effects like in the explosion and backrounds aswell as other enemy ships...

A fun game could use some improving...


Kirk-Cocaine responds:

Thanks for the review. :)

I keep meaning to go back and re-do this game, it's just finding the time =P


Pretty slick

The game was pretty slick. I though it was just going to be your standard space shooter but then the enemies came from behind me. Six brave men died that day...

But still some things to add

-Some slightly improved graphics
-More sound effects
-An instructions page
-Change your name from Kirk_Cocaine to SleepingIsMy9to5 in the credits

Keep up the good work


Kirk-Cocaine responds:

I did have explosion sound effects 'n stuff but they made the Action script go funny so I had to take them out.

lol, I'm gonna change my name back to Kirk_Cocaine in december when my xmas game comes out.


they should only come from the front this game could also be made better with sound efects like boom or bang

Kirk-Cocaine responds:

Yeah I did put booms in to start with but they made it lag really bad and also messed up some of the action script so I had to remove them.

Not too bad

The graphics were average but moved smoothly enough - my main concerns are with the game-play.

Firstly you can only face to the right of screen.... but sometimes the hostiles come from the bottom left corner. Even if you were hard up the back of the screen you can't hit them (firing forward) and because they chase you you can't get away - hence I played it four times before this review and only made Level 2.

This might work better if you restricted the enemies to only appear from the front half of the screen - still the top and bottom if you wish, but only the front half. Also if you had some random background particles that constantly moved left to right the screen wouldn't look so dead and it would also look like you're actually flying somewhere (just a thought)

Oh, and instead of including instructions on the authour's comments somewhere in the game would be nicer - say on the pre-loader or at the begining of the first level or something.

Credits & Info

2.46 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2005
12:34 PM EDT
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