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It is kind of short... PLz leave some tips..


((( CUTE )))

This was cute, i like the idea of clay soccer it was neat, seemed abit short though and could be longer, the desk was ok, but why not make a backround with a flas setting or something, it was entertaining though so nice job...



it was kinda short indeed
the clay shouldt had eyes though maid them look like drugclays
the idea was kinda cool though and i gigled a bit
mabay music would have bin cool
and some bullit time and a very special cool soccer kick..

3/5 i see potential so i want this to be protected

Not bad.

It was a pretty neat idea, I don't see a whole lot of soccer oriented claymations out there.

The character models were pretty nice and they were different from most other claymations out there. They weren't the standard shape of an actual person.

But you need to keep the characters the same color throughout. Maybe you ran out of blue and decided to use brown and purple and thought no one would notice. ;)

As a suggestion, you need to change the pace every once in a while. Every 5 seconds someone was either falling off of a desk or getting hit with a soccerball.



I could see the ball back on the desk at the end :p you need to fix that

ill give u tips.

it was kind of short and a little dumb but do better graphics like put small funny people that do funny stuff and more and ill give it a 10 for sure and pass it!!!!!

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1.92 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2005
10:54 AM EDT
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