Bucky Wild-Boy In Peril!

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Sidekicks. All of the great heroes have them. Why? To draw enemy fire, of course! In "Peace Offering", Zap Masters and his faithful sidekick, Bucky Wild, venture into an uncharted corner of the galaxy to extend the hand of peace to a mysterious alien race. Will peace win the day? Will war rage across the universe? Will Bucky get demolished? The answers to these questions and more can only be found in "BUCKY WILD - BOY IN PERIL!"

"BUCKY WILD - BOY IN PERIL!" is the 3rd place winner of Newgrounds' Daily Top 5 Portal entries for 7/31/01, the first place winner of BullsEyeArt's Weekly Web Showdown for the week of 8/1 - 8/7/01 and the 8th place winner in Entertainmail's Last Week's Best Ten for the week of 7/29 - 8/4/02!


Nicely done,

This is refreshing, I like it. The graphics and sound are top shelf, now, make more.

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that was ok

that was ok. the graphics were ok, although it kinda looked stupid when puki was chewing and swallowing. the story was ok except it was really short for how large the file size was. i liked the little game at the beginning. you should make an entire game instead of a sequel to it.

And Pie....

I like the the part about the Pie. Oh and the part where Zap Masters just acts as if nothing happened when Bucky got eaten. Classic!

I like it

Both concept and characters are funny. I like Zap, he has a lot of potential as a video game character himself. Hopefully we can see more of him

This sucked!

This was not worth waiting for it was gay and a half!!!!!!!!

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3.29 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2001
8:14 AM EDT
Comedy - Original