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Broccoli originated in the one Love Collab. Basically, Gerkinman was organising this quick little collab to demonstrate peace between flash animators. Of course... noone knew this so it kinda backfired... anyway... I was really stuck for what to do with my part... I just suggested to Gerkinman that I do a Singing Broccoli as a Joke... I actually did it. Broccoli then got popular amongst my Friends at DeviantArt and SheezyArt... So I made more stuff... hense the reason you're reading this now! I hope you enjoy it!

Credit to Gerkinman, Wonchop, Eric Silver JonathanExplorer and Adreniline for helping in some way.


I love Broccoli

Very humorous and random, for the most part I enjoyed it. And I love the drunken shorts background song, but I can't remeber where ive heard it before. Good Job, keep up the good work.

Zictor responds:

Drunkness = Funny XD


lmao.. hahaha i cant tell wether that was the best animation i've seen or the worst.. either way i loved it.. drunk humor just cant get any better

Zictor responds:

I opt for Best. Look at some of the under judgement crap! XD


Dude u have me make a whole movie out of the shorts its so freakin awsome. I laughed my Smoke off.

Ps. Sexy Lions Control My Brain.

Zictor responds:

Blame Astronaut Butter for the Penguin one...

Of course

....Nothing will ever come close to the breakdancing beans =P Great job. Broccoli has always been awesome and shall always be. Make more because it's too goodamn awesome ;0;

Zictor responds:

Yes! Broccoli is awesome and there will be more short anims of Broccoli to come! INCLUDING BEANS =P


Broccoli makes my body strong and my votes high. All 10's man.

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Zictor responds:

Poppeye would like this then XD

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3.58 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2005
7:30 PM EDT
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