3D Frogger

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LAG PROBLEMS download flash 8 beta
Right-click to bring to low quality.

CAMERA ANGLES: It's FLASH for gods sake. I expiramented with all sorts of camera angles. This one turned out to be the best. I'm sure you'll get used to it. Flash is meant for 2D, not 3D. This is the best it will get.

WOW Quickest frontpage EVER! Barely out of judgement!

Scripting + 3D graphics: Glaiel Gamer
2D Graphics: THe Mercenary

I'm giving NG a treat and releasing this awesome 3D game a day early, even before it goes on my site! Now That's a treat.

Everything done in flash. 3D engine written by ME, 3D programming written by me. The 3D engine I wrote is available for download in the NG BBS in the Flash Forum.


i like the game

i think the game is cool so are the rest of your games, but the last person who posted must be on crack serioulsy, you have no idea what a good game is if you dont like his games. anyway whatever good job on the 3d'ness, good game crap music, i like it. :P

ur right,

im sorry i said you dont make good games krazy kar like i said was fun but nothing close to being cool, and your right i do like super soldier its a cool game and you should make a multiplayer super soldier, and yes i like some of your games but super soldier isnt my favorite thopught my fav is barbarian bob and fing life source and thing thing arena but you are good at making games, just please dont waste your time, dont make another krazy kar please forgive my rudeness. kyle...

The eye of the beholder

Not bad, but I'm not sure if the perspective works, keep bumping into cars.......or i could just be crap....

Pretty good!

I like it, but in the original, Frogger was looking for the baby frogs or some crap like that.


+VERY addictive game;
+Only positive feelings left. Thank God there's no violence.
+3D graphics look great;

-New levels contain only a few new features.

Awesome. No comments. I don't even know what to say. The conception's pretty simple, but it's realisation is just amazing. Very nice work. I don't even know why it has such a low score. I'll ask some of my NG friends to vote high ^_^. And thanks for the great mood you made for me :)!

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3.80 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2005
3:08 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle