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Lizard Sphere X 2

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Author Comments

I felt like doing something funny this month so I decided to do a sequel to Lizard Sphere X. Enjoy.

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at least there is more action in this one and the way goten and trunks fused was quite funny please make another one

I liked the original "Lizard Sphere X", but this is better. Even the title is really fun. I just like DBZ parodies like this. The animation is pretty good. You got the show pretty spot on. I like the name "Makin Puu".

It really is pretty clever. It wasn't a direct continuation of the previous cartoon. It certainly didn't need to be. There was more going on in this episode. You're quite good at parodies.

Yeah WILL Jesus come back to save us all ?

I love how these old cartoons are always so actual!
Still just as funny as back then! Good job on this one and the first! Instant classics!

Old but still funny

I love the parody of their designs and the way you parodied the fight scenes and voice acting. Nice work, overall.