Sonic In The City Ep.3

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Its me again! Well ill put it like this: cool soundtrack, kinda crappy animation, cool background, funny story. Hope youll like this one as much as the previous episode. Sry if somwere my english is fucked up cuz im not english!



Sorry I made fun of your crappy grammar. This one was pretty funny too.

-.-" ignore the last guy....

hey if he aint seen a single flash taking the piss outta tails well he only seen this flash thne i seen millions but anyway great episode its funny ^_^

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That's it. You're a jerk!

I counted you to stop teasing Tails. And what did I see? Oh let me guess... YOU'RE TEASING TAILS!!! Why can't anyone stop teasing Tails? I had enough! You're the biggest jerk ever! I never seen other authors do something bad to Tails (only once), but still you're a big jerk! Screw you. You get a 0 and there's no way I'm ever going to give it a high score. EVER!!!


Ouch man. It actually hurt to watch this. I think you're trying to hard to get everybody to like this. I mean, in the first one it was this mushy, crappy love story. Then, it was this perverted sprite-porn thing. Now you've got them all skating? Weak, man. Weak. If you're gonna have a series, you need to have a plot, and not just stupid stuff to try to impress everyone at once. Other than that, the animation was really bad, and the dialouge was really dumb. I could've written that in 5th grade. Also, if you didn't notice, all of your 'skating' tails sprites have a huge chunk taken out of the 'helmet' (is that what it is?), and you can see straight through his head.

sonc dbz

lately i have seen a lot of sonic dbz type flash most suck but this one a rare good one

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3.28 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2005
6:40 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody