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LL - Final Fantasy: Lawk2

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Thanks for the frontpage and I also want to thank to those who liked this movie! I'll be making a third one for this series.

Hello again and this is my 4th movie this month (WOOHOO!!!). This is the second episode for Final Fantasy: Lawk. While loading, make sure to watch the FIRST EPISODE!

Voice of CloudLock by Wonchop.

You have to play FF7, 8, 9 and 10 in order to understand the jokes in this movie.


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I like dat is just refrencing so much

I admit this wasn't as good as the first. At least I knew what I was prepared for this time. There should have been more sketches. They were too long. I did like the ha ha ha one. Well, only because there was a second once about it.

I'm not that familiar with the locks. What a strange name Samegamelock is. Well, I think I had seen that before. Oh no, maybe I don't know as much about "Final Fantasy" as I thought! That's why I didn't enjoy it that much!


it's movies like this that make me proud to be a gaming nerd.

could've used some Moogle, but was awesome nonetheless...

Yeah, but...

In some cases, the original characters wouldn't have fir the context of the jokes. Like when Samegame suggested that "Apples are tastier than fish", it would have made NO SENSE in the original.

And I haven't even played any of the originals for this except for VII. And I still found it funny.


What the hell happened to this half of the jokes a fucking first grader could of thought of!