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Quick update: Folks complained it was too easy, so I made it get hard about 40% faster. Gotta let people who aren't too good play too!

A quickie game with some great music by Dustball! Online scoreboard coming soon!

Right click for a few menu options. You can also pause by pressing SPACEBAR.


Very nice!

The game definately features a unique style!^^ Well, the movement sometimes is too hard to follow but the basic idea is a great one. It reminds me of Gitaroo Man somehow... Keep up the good work!

dont know what to say..good or bad

i see u have huge potential and it wasnt easy to make
but after a while it gets a bit too hard to folow and sometimes i couldt see at what line the circle was...
but very entertaining....

it just wasnt that entertaining

it was pretty good and i understand it took alot of time and work to make this but it just isnt bery fun at all

Sorry but i just didn't find tha fun at all.

I have a laptop so moving the cursor wasn't easy but still i managed to keep it on the center for a VERY long time i quit b4 i actually died my bar didn't have anything in it at all as a matter of fact. This game didn't keep me interested very long at all try harder when you are creating concepts for a new game.


stayed inside the middle circle for abot 20 minutes and finally said fuck it. Good, but try a little harder

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3.75 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2005
9:37 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid