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An animated Red Dwarf intro. A newer version with shinier graphics is in the works, I may submit again.

A special thanks to Mike Parker for helping out with graphics. He's a true saint. Well, an unofficial saint, but who cares?


Lookin Good

It looks like this will be great when it gets released and im looking forward to seeing it. However, it has been said previously and im gonna say it again, if you mess this up i will hunt you down and hurt you. Of course I have complete faith in you to make this an awesome top of the leaderboard style flash!

UncleStevie responds:

I'm glad you have faith in me.. I'm still very scared though..

Looking goood!

Looking forward to the full version! kk thx!

UncleStevie responds:

No problem.

Looks Pretty Cool

Well, it looks pretty cool. I think there should be some voice acting, though.

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UncleStevie responds:

There will be in the main version. This is just the trailer my friend!

looking forward to this man...

this looks good...look forward to your work

UncleStevie responds:

Thanks fongboi!

Can't wait!

One of my favourite comedy's :) i'm looking forward to it...if you ARE making a full flash of it. I like the drawings of the characters it's all very good. Needs more comedy.

UncleStevie responds:

The comedy shall be there my friend! The first episode will be called "BLACK HOLE" Just to get you a lil' more excited ;)

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3.73 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2005
4:10 PM EDT
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