August 30, 2005 –
October 17, 2007
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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delete it.

(incase you're clueless this shouldn't have passed portal, but it did).


I laughed, I cried, I peed myself a little, and it was all thanks to you.
You, good sir, has yet again proven yourself to be above the rest, by whipping up this masterpiece to the enjoyment of all.
Deserves first place. Of all time.

Besides, im banned from the forums. Hi.

What the hell is this? just a pic with words and crappy laughing were you drunk wen you made this? i read you bbs post he was stupid but i kinda agree with him
vote: 0

I loved it! ;D

Last time I checked Sprite movies are all Tweened animation, pictures (not made by the author of the movie), length verys from 2-10 minutes, and a topic which is usally the original bad guy of the game wants to destroy the world (not to mention this is the most original plot ever), and last but not least it get a good score only because the succsess of the game it's based after.

I could understand being mad at him if you speant like half a year throughing together some flash movie that you made original characters for, speant countless hours making perfect VA lines, ect, ect. To tell the truth Sprite movies aren't that hard to put together at all, all you do is tween, this is coming from a guy who does them to. The only thing hard about them is actually finishing them because it get boring cuz they are to easy to make.

I think Illwillpress is a good animator and some of his animations are funny. Before you say his work is easy to do try actually drawing backgrounds like him and draw character models and lets not forget tweening them in the same style he does.

Well, just my opinion...

Your Flash Animation Was Better then his , and you only got a 2.08
I bet if that idiot submitted an entry called "D" and it had the letter D in 30 pt font It would also hit the front page and be in the top 50. HA HA FUCKING HA

I gave it a 5 because I simply hate Foamy! Annoying crap that is.

The red font on top of the screen shot makes it impossible to read some of the words. You could try a white border on the text to off-set it from the screen shot background. The looped muffled laughing was annoying too. You should have looped in some music or something. Otherwise, not a whole lot went into this.

you can't even spell TWEEN and yes, we are PEOPLE, we're not interested in your ability to export some random SWF without any value and uploading it to newgrounds.
we're not SHEEP that shift our collective asses to vote 5 on movies by command of anybody.

if we like it, we vote high.
if we don't like it, we blam

get over it.

I didn't actually see the original movie, so I may be in the wrong here but...

What's up with the rant that's on here? If you think that Foamy's easy to draw, go right ahead and make one. Keep in mind that the foamy cartoons are mostly frame by frame.

go ahead... Get started...

It really captured the essence of newgrounds

I hope I've helped you murder your own creation since that's obviously what you wanted...

The sound WAS TERRIBLE. It was a pathetic laughter repeated over and over again. It distracts the viewer from the point of the flash.
The text was hard to read. You could've done one or more of the following: 1) Make it a different color 2) Make a big, white outline 3) Add a black background or something.
The point of it wasn't all that special. I'm not saying this because it's not Foamy, it's just plain dry and boring.

At least Foamy didn't laugh over and over like some idiot, and he had a point. Just because it wasn't animated much, doesn't mean that it doesn't have any meaning to it. There was sound. Sure, Foamy's voice can be annoying to some, but that's up to the individual. At least he had a message, and it wasn't such a horrible one.

I hope your internet connection fails, forever, until you can come up with something a hell lot better.

Point proven, that only us with brains can see... Foamys little babble about the hurricane proves that if your famous on Newgrounds, you get unfair and ridiculously overated scores for even the crappiest of works! 3.60!!!! ITS NOT EVEN ANIMATED FOR CHRISTS SAKE!!! And to those of you who like that cartoon. You can shove your dick up its unanimated ass.

If that were submitted by practically anyone else, its score would of been AT LEAST a point and a half less.. You people are pathetic..

This indeed is a touching flash. The best part that i liked was the part about donateing to the red cross.
All illwill can think about is fucking makeing money, bashing the reporters, and getting publicity.
Your flash needs to be on the front page where illwill's crapy flash is.

don't bitch about it in a flash, if ur gonna actually make movement. you got 1 for sound cuz of that dam annoying laugh. you woulda gotten strat 0's if it weren't for that. you coulda also made the font a different color, it was hard to read.

you've done exactly as he has made a 1FRAME movie and it has survived. DON'T MAKE CRAP, POST ON TEH FORUM!!!!

Good work citizen, you have proven that pepole have it too easy because of rep.

Illwillpress's rant about the Hurricane was a crappy movie and if he wanted to help so badly than why is'nt he helping?

How come he's not at the action with the reporters and power rangers fighting rita's hurricane causing monsters.

Hurricane coverage is there because pepole wanna know there family's chances of living and there right there at the action.

Remember to drink your milk HAcoreRD.


I live in Louisiana and i really apreciate that you made this for our state and the others damaged by Hurricane Katrina. you are a good person and i appreciate it. the reason i gave it a 4 is because it could use a little work but nothings ever perfect and it sends a message of our devastation and how the red cross is helping out. thanks again!

very touching. I guess those other guys dont care about the lives lost. I think it is cool to submit a memorial to newgrounds, To help people understand. And no I am not a wussy.

I am not trying to make fun

It seems that with every major media-covered event, a ton of tributes seem to come out in Flash form along with it. This one is neither insightful, nor do I feel that it will inspire anyone who is not already giving thought to it.

Tributes and memorials require effort, otherwise you cheapen a story. A spelling check would be a good start.

for serious, random stuff like this doesn't belong on NewGrounds.


i couldnt read the text on the preloader, i then couldnt see any of the text there after and when i did i couldnt reasd it fast enough so make the movie slower and YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO SUBMIT ACTUAL DRAWN FLASH not a bunch of pictures streamed together, anyway make a total flash movie next time , dude , or dudette

This does seem just to be trying to prove a point to wade because of the whole foamy incident on the bbs (and i got banned because of it :'( ) It's not that great, and probably deserved a blam, but it is better than the foamy one, so im glad it made it

I really don't want to give anything less than a good review. I must say that the sentiment was there, and it was very touching. My heart goes out to all those suffering.

Good luck to them, and it's great that you felt touched enough to create this. I'm giving it an 8 not because of the quality of the flash (it's not that great), but because you care enough to at least make something.

K00d0se to j00!

i understand it was memorial put u could of put a little bit more effort into it

Dont put white text against light backgrounds,

While the sentiment is good, the quality just doesn't cut it. Still slideshow, Times New Roman font, about thirty seconds long...sorry, but it's a blam.

Nice way to stick it to the man. I wonder if Wade will put it on the front page.

If he doesn't, you can nail his ass in the bbs.

Another sympathy vote flash. Geez.

To the people affected by the hurricane. Separate from that, the movie was just photos you found on the internet and the typography was cut off the page. Not a good flash but an important subject.

well it was betteer foamy hurricane one. Damn those were funny pics j/k someone would think I am serious hahehao. good try though.

Call me ignorant, but I thought that hurricane thing happened ages ago. Like saturday. But no. I do watch the news though, so thats odd. Anyway, coupled with Stilton Coated music, and wonton style quotes by some illiterate fool scattered in strategic bunkers, it made a giant mess, reminiscent of the state of strawberry laces when extracted from a packed, minus the cheery red colour.

Apart from the fact that that was a moving flash...

The red cross pleads to newgrounds, this is the wrong place but yeah this is an interesting movie, I wonder what people will vote on this 'cause it has nothing to do with flash and stuff.

I have never been in a hurricane so I cant imagine the type of devistation that is caused on Aug.29th . . . . my heart goes out to all the victims and suffering men, women, children, and animals. .


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