kegel: campfire chat

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another short little ditty to mildly entertain... possibly your genitals.

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oh yeah my gentials are tingling

Ok a pretty short kegel flash everything was ok. but they were cooking the hotdogs or marshmallow wtf.

Wow, I can't say anything bad about it.

Normally I can come up with things wrong with a piece, but this... This is just too good. I like the animation, I like the flow of the dialogue, I like the setting... It's just damn well done.

"You are a cold hearted bastard."

"Yeah, a cold hearted bastard with extra marshmallows."

Ahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha. Bloody brilliant, mate. Keep up the excellent work.


i love kegel they always rule. gj and keep it up

ps: the_master_tommy is a raging faggot who sucks cock at flash and needs to learn to make flash before he badmouths it.

pps: i accidently revewied master tommys flash with this review but he still sucks cock!

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Nice man....this is the shit ppl should be making

i liked the opening the best but.....

you forgot Uma Thurman. its hard to find a dumber name than that.....
looking past that, greast flash. the whole kegel series is excellent. keep up the good work

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4.11 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2005
9:50 PM EDT
Comedy - Original