Bubble Kill

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I did this a while ago to take a break from the series I am working on. I might finish it if people like it. Remember I was bored out of my mind when I did this so here it is,



Yo! Liked it.... better than the first one... when the bullet hits the "camera"..... wow man! A big change u know. I was bored when i saw part 1 but u realy made this better

this was well done but-

i like your latest version the best so far. but the 'bullet going through the glass' look was a good little extra.

Pretty good mate...

i liked it...
but what he said... instead of making it a 15 second animation like make it atleast 2 minutes then make a continuation...

also stealth ninja vs. this guy

WOW that be a good animation

the ninja be all jumping with a silencer why this guy with a sword or what ever

then BAM!

-Justin :)

lightningbomb responds:

hey that's a good idea thanks man!! glad u liked it!


Dude....I think this is a really good movie even though it was like 5-25 se conds long....Dude u should make ur movies like 2 min long or 5 at the most u need more violence The Humor Was Ok....Sound = Great the music was good. Im just a Wanderin' Rater who rates movies.......

VIOLENCE (10 ) + SYTLE (10) + GRAPHICS (10) = UBER!

lightningbomb responds:

thanks alot. and be sure to check out my other submission "Stealth Nijas" thanks again dude!

Not Your Best...

I understand it was your first animation posted on Newground, but I have to say it was mediocre. The sound sucked, I mean, the only noise was the music and the gun when it fired. And the swords in the slow-motion part seemed to just slide through his hands. The only reason it got a 6 was because of the generally smooth frames.

lightningbomb responds:

hey man your picky. why don't you make your own flash before put down others then you can see how it feels.

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2.32 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2005
2:18 PM EDT
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