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"The Mustache Contest"

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hope you all enjoy my latest short. it's unlike all my previous animation but i think it turned out pretty swell. check out "baby bird visits radio shack." it's an example of my ordinary style of animation and character design.

"the mustache contest" was originally a comic book that me and this girl brittney crump created. you can order the comic book, which includes a button (badge in england), or one of my many other comic books by going to www.babybirdcomic.com

peace out, yo.

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Great Movie

I remember seeing this way back when and wondering where it went. For some reason, it refuses to show up in my favorites or when I search for it on NG (had to google to find it, finally).

Anyways, it's a really classic short. The characters are fun, the style is pleasant, and the writing is funny.

It is indeed quite bitchin'.


just forget what the dude that review before me wrote,he is just a dumbass,he can clearly not see what a good animation is so screw him.it think it was Bitchin:)

Great animation!

Very well done! It's clean, simple, and has a wonderful undersea charm. I can't wait to see more!

very nice!

I like the concept, so simple, so humorous, so original!
it also kind of reminds me of spongebob!

Absolutely hilarious

The genius of this animated short lies in its simplicity. I saw The Mustache Contest during an animation festival, where it was easily shown up in technique by...almost every other short. But all the other shorts were mired in their own technical proficiency, their pacing was too slow, the jokes were unfunny, the art was too childlike. The Mustache Contest, on the other hand, was simple, well-paced, and hilarious. A test of a great film is how many times you recreate it on the walk home. By that measure, The Mustache Contest is a winner.