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OMG It's ... - FBF

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This is an age old flash sub with a bit of a twist. I've seen the infamous B floating around for so long that I thought "What if.. it wasn't CRAP?, what if there was actually something TO the B?" so I made a world of "B" with things.. and creatures...

it was actually pretty fun. Hope you like it! If you're curious who Pie is, go search for Author StealAngel =)


ah.... no

man im almost offended by this lol jk but dude my 3year old neace didnt even watch it all lol its a wast of time but thats just my opinion

I actually enjoyed it

The flash in itself was pretty much average, but it was fun to watch. The sound was pretty good, thoguh I don't care for that rendition of the yoshi's island song. The B was drawn pretty well, and usign the spaces as lakes was a good touch. There wasn't a whole lot of FBF animation going on, and this is on of those cliche "should've been longer" types of critiques, that would've only helped this.


The "B" was neat it its very "ARTISTIC" with all the colors and such, could have had more then just the stick animated and such, but was interesting and some very nice animating, overall very pleasent, so nice work indeed...


OMG it's ...

It's pretty good actually..
I know FBF is hard to make.. Not bad.. :x


The movie had good graphics, but it needed a story.

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1.98 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2005
5:37 AM EDT
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