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Theatre Previews

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Hey guys!

This flash about a certain preview for a "movie" (not a flash movie, a real life movie).

It was originally created for "Sholery Predifiktions", but since I never got co-authored, I thought I would submit it on my own!

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((( OK )))

Notbad, its a good idea to put the previews up there but there was only a few and didnt show much, show more previews and longer onenes, but it was sorta funny,the THX with the static made me laugh hehe, anyways nice idea...


swiftstylerX responds:

Alrighty, thanks for the review.

- Your ideas have been recognized.


Graphics were bland. That's the only bad thing here. Everything else is hilarious. I suggest watching this from the beginning.


swiftstylerX responds:

Thanks :D It's always nice to hear that I actually did something good :D


Dude i was expecting something good. That took 2 weeks to make? Damn i could've done it in 2 days! Your a horrible flash artist.

swiftstylerX responds:

Well, I'm saying from when I started animating it, until I finished... so there are days that I didn't work on it.. so it probably only took around 5... (I had to search for a sound for 2 days too while animating, so that set me back a bit)


you tried, but sorry it was pointless. Something that takes 3 mins to make.

swiftstylerX responds:

It took 2 weeks though, not 3 minutes..


You completly wasted a part of my life. . .
that was stupid as hell, not to mention it was short as hell

swiftstylerX responds: