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Dr0kn Space

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Now finaly, you can see what life around the ngdrunks office is like. Here we have _altr and Al, lets see what happens when these two lovable dr0nks go at it.


was ok

Not great but it was alright. The voices were quite inaudible

Onic responds:

Well, thankyou.

Come on people...

Everyone loves Office Space, including myself, but to merely rip a scene and then re-do it with crappy faces and poorly done tweens is an insult to the movie. If you wanted your viewers to enjoy that scene, show them the original movie. I can only imagine that those must be your faces, and if so.. try and be original. At least the kid who made a flash about him fighting air was original. Please.

Meh.. would have been funnier IF:

...I hadn't seen the movie from which you used the sounds. Shame on you! ;)

Onic responds:

You scoundrel :)


wtf its not even funny! I dont even know what it is! what the hell is going on!!!???

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Onic responds:

OMG I dont know either!!! My whole world is crashing down around me ahhhhh! Die in a ditch.

why didn't you just keep the original faces?

so it could have been completely not yours. but with those crappy masks. i don't think anyone could have identified it.

Onic responds:

You're review isn't appreciated, not helpful at all, I mean honestly, all 0's? Come on now, thats against the rules, its called being abusive, like me calling you a cock sucking fucktard on the bbs would be abusive, get it?

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4.40 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2005
11:28 PM EDT