LL - Screen Episode 1

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Screen 2 is now out, so check it out!

I worked 16 hours straight, no breaks on this movie.

This is a SERIOUS film, if you are looking for COMEDY look elsewhere.

I put a lot of hard work and effort into this movie so please vote fairly.

If you review please explain why you review the way you did, two word reviews don't help anybody out.

This is a movie based on a story I wrote about an electronical enemy brainwashing it's foes. If you get confused, most answers are in the film, you probably overlooked something.


Enjoy the movie.



i understand the work that u put in this but that god damn static noise is aggravating redo it make it longer, funny, and take the damn static noise stuff out and alot of people will like it, peace

LAVAGASM responds:

Uh oh.


It was good and everything but it was way too short...and also I understand its a screen crew and everything but do you have to make that fuzzy weird sound that you put everything you jump from scene to scene? It's so annoying...I'll be fine with it if it wasn't for like more than 3-4 seconds yeah...

LAVAGASM responds:

:( sorry. I'll try better next time. thanks for the review.

Seriously, THINK before you decide to use Locks.

I can accept that you're trying to make a serious flash, but if you ARE going to try it, at least get a non-Lock opinion before you submit. It was WAY too short, it had very little action to make up for its lack of comedy, and the traditional monotone voices just don't suit a serious venture.

Try looking at RenegadeClock's Clock Day 2005 submission, it's a perfect example of normal voices being used in a Clock setting, and it fits.

Plus, you haven't shown any members of the Screen Squad yet, which makes it hard for the viewer to accept that there's a real conflict in your little story. Once again, I can accept that you're trying to do a serious flash, but you're gonna have to work a little harder on the sequel if you want to keep anyone's attention.

LAVAGASM responds:

Thanks for the review.


Ok, there were two things that I liked in the one. 1. The beginning. 2. The music. That was it, the whole lock thing was a turn off for me. if they were...oh I don't know...people...I think it would've been better. But seriously, why locks, it's just retarded. I was about ready to X out of it when it was at the other house with the TV on. Just...no...

LAVAGASM responds:

Maybe you're retarted. Especially considering you enjoyed watching text scroll, and because of your inability to spell and use proper English. Thanks for the review.

Nice plot

The art work and effect is very good. The plot is also good. so keep up da good work.

LAVAGASM responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I like your name, very sexy. Thanks for the review.

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3.70 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2005
2:20 PM EDT
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