LL - Screen Episode 1

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Screen 2 is now out, so check it out!

I worked 16 hours straight, no breaks on this movie.

This is a SERIOUS film, if you are looking for COMEDY look elsewhere.

I put a lot of hard work and effort into this movie so please vote fairly.

If you review please explain why you review the way you did, two word reviews don't help anybody out.

This is a movie based on a story I wrote about an electronical enemy brainwashing it's foes. If you get confused, most answers are in the film, you probably overlooked something.


Enjoy the movie.


I know it was serious but...

Some parts made me laugh, like "What do we do?"
"We pray."
And the voices, like most LL movies, were hard to understand.

LAVAGASM responds:

Well like I said before to the other guy who laughed "differant strokes for differant folks. I laughed at the guy on real world who was crying because his mom died I found it hillarious. Er... not that watch Real World... Well anyway I know the voices are hard to understand, that's why I took the extra 30 minutes to make subtitles for you <3 Thanks for the review.


I haven't reviewed anything in a while. The only reason I'm adding my 2 cents here is because this would of been a much stronger project had the main characters been something other than linked to a.) other flash projects b.) obscure forum references that the average viewer doesn't check. Other than that, well written, smooth animation and sound, and great execution. I would like to see a film that had some original characters besides "clockish" type clones. I feel my review is fair, if not please comment.

LAVAGASM responds:

Your review is fair, but I'll comment anyway, becase that's what I do. I'm glad you took the time to review my movie but there are no forum references in the movie. I wouldn't do that to the viewer. Also, I'm glad you liked my writing animation sound and execution. Thanks again.

Good work

LL has made some good movies lately,good job.Remember to make good movies in a future too,so i can review them. ^_^

LAVAGASM responds:

Heh, yea, Water Lock especially, he makes me laugh. Thanks for the review.

I have to be honest; this was boring.

I usually give animations an eight to ten for trying but this one just didn't interest me at all. It was tedious to the point that I had to give a 5/10. You did spend a long time on this one so im gonna credit you on that. You have the potential, keep it up.

LAVAGASM responds:

Well, it's not for everybody that's for sure, at least you watched it. Thanks for the review.

too much fuzz

it was a good flash but in between every scene the fuzz & white snow just disrupted the flow of the flash

LAVAGASM responds:

Or did it disrupt it so much that it disrupted the flow of life itself causing it to be perfect? =-o

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3.70 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2005
2:20 PM EDT
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